Coaching and Mentoring for Change-Leaders

While you are in the midst of leading,  grow your chops while focusing on the specific challenges and priorities you are facing. I review your change approach with you, bringing an approach to coaching and mentoring based on years of experience and  Integral Theory. I apply a range of  lenses to your situation.  We work together on the implications for your strategy, and in the process, the specific capacities that you need to develop for your current challenge become evident.  We agree on your timely development goal, and I prepare an individualized coaching plan for you to keep growing with and through the change initiative.  We work together throughout to keep your impact growing and the change you are making self-generating.

You can enhance your coaching by joining a coaching group of other change makers, all of whom are actively in the process of ramping up their change-making impact.  Join a group of 6 to 8 peers and me for 4 sessions over 12 weeks.  You will be inspired, challenged, and you will be part of an incredible group of confidantes who won’t let you off the hook.

Make the most of the challenging terrain you are crossing. Contact me for a free consultation.