About Anne Wright

I grow change makers:   character, presence, capacity to inspire and enrol others,  solidity to stay resilient during the inevitable periods of unknown, heart to transform resistance into commitment.     I customize the best intel on human development to you and your situation.  For more about me, check out my Linked In Profile.

I believe that we humans need to make a muscular leap in our evolution to survive.  We each need to accelerate what we got and bring it with everything we have got.   I am dedicated to bring everything I’ve got to you.

I am an Integral Master Coach™, MCC Accredited, and former senior faculty member with Integral Coaching Canada.      I draw on:

  • over twenty years of change leadership experience — leading and mentoring change in global organizations, private, public and non profit ventures;
  • 7 years as an Integral Coach™ trainer,
  • over 2000 hours of professional Integral Coaching® experience, and
  • a unique blend of art and science to everything I do.

I work with the best Executive and Leadership Coaches around the world, on every continent, and will hand-pick a team to fit you and your organization.

A Sample of Turnarounds I have coached or led:

    • Organizational Adaptability:  contributing to a workplace culture of adaptability, by training all 150 leaders in one on one coaching conversations (2013-14)
    • Global NGO Strategy and Culture Shift:  cut the apron strings between regions and central office and prompted board and senior staff to reboot their approach to making a difference. (2011 – 2014)
    • Public Health Paradigm Shift:  shifting the practice of public health from case-based blood pressure checks and school head-lice checks to population health (1986 – 2000) as internal planner, Director, and external consultant.
    • Children’s Mental Health System Integration:  redesigning a  better-integrated children’s mental health system, creating more continuity between child protection, hospitals, community-based services, and young offenders’ services (1996 – 2004) as external consultant to Coalition of 23 agencies, and to various agencies within the system.

Check out my CV if you like.

I am also an artist, working with perception, layers of light and colour in  encaustic media.  My art informs my change work.  To see how this happens, join my mailing list.  You will receive my free e-book on Change Artistry, which blends my art with principles for leading change.

I would welcome an opportunity to work with you to bring your change-making to the next level.  Get in touch.


 Integral Coaching® and Integral Coach™ are trade-marks in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Anne Wright