More impact, more reach, fewer sleepless nights with Change-Making Group Coaching

Those sleepless nights.  No matter how many great advisors you have around you, and how good your senior team is, you still have those questions and doubts that bolt you awake at night.  It’s down to you.  You make those tough calls.  You guide the path to the vision.  You keep people going when you are all in the swamp. Those periods of sleepless nights are when you need skilled confidantes on your side.  With Change-Maker Group Coaching, you get your own customized coaching program to help you step up to what you are facing now, with muscular practices for you to implement immediately;  You get a team of 5 – 7 peers on their own coaching journey who have no stake in your decisions offering you practical advise.  You get to wake up mornings refreshed and ready to face the surprises of the day.  Groups are offered face to face and on-line.  Contact Anne for  your free consultation to find out if Change-Making Group Coaching is right for you.  I match you with the group that is right for you and where you are at in your change leadership evolution.