The Importance of Being in Impossible Darkness

Lost. Stuck. Confused. Ready to throw in the towel. This place we most want to avoid is actually essential for real change. When you are leading change, you need to know this in your bones, trust it, and help others to trust it. What does this mean in practical terms? It means admitting not knowing. It means surrendering your best laid plans… really laying them down. It means opening to intuition — to a wider knowing beyond your strategic analytical mind. It’s not easy. It’s essential. You need to develop “presence” to be here. Contact me, I can help.

In Impossible Darkness by Kim Rosen
Do you know how
the caterpillar

Do you remember
what happens
inside a cocoon?

You liquefy.

There in the thick black
of your self-spun womb,
void as the moon before waxing,
you melt

(as Christ did
for three days
in the tomb)

in impossible darkness
the sheer
of wings.

–Kim Rosen