Entering the Unknown with “Desert Eyes”

Bob Carty, a Canadian journalist and singer/songwriter, sung of “Desert Eyes“.   Desert eyes are developed by those who go into the seemingly-barren unknown, often fleeing danger, with only what they can carry and perhaps a few goats.  Day and night are moved through at the whim of the uncontrollable — the weather and the winds.  Desert eyes take over as the initial fear subsides, and you begin to see life… colour in the light play on the clouds… movement beneath the barren… hope beyond the forsaken.

Change artists need desert eyes…to recognize the rustles in what seems static and know them as signs of life.  What does it take to develop “desert eyes”?  Cultivation of a way of looking with your whole self… head, heart, gut and beyond.  And alongside that, looking as if you were the desert itself… tuning into how it moves and what it carries in its essential knowing.

This is what Integral Coaches™ know as both “looking at” and “looking as”.  “Looking at” evaluates and assesses as objectively as possible against a standard or criteria.   “Looking as” becomes the other, imagining what it is like to be them, without judgment or comparison… simply attuning to the other.  Both are entwined in “desert eyes”.

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