Challenge your Leaders to Step up their Impact with inspiring interactive presentations and training workshops from Anne:

- Making Change Stick -- What it Really Takes

- Maximizing your One on Ones

- Giving Turnaround Feedback

- Building Coaching into your One on Ones

- Working the Aikido of Resistance

Anne customizes the message to your group.

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You are a change-maker.
Step up while accelerating your impact.
Surprise yourself.  Draw on more than you knew you had.

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Impact with precision and punch.  Enter the unknown with solidity.  Hone your skills with proven change leadership tools.  Draw on confidantes who know the territory and challenge you.

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While you are in the midst of leading change,  ramp up your change-leadership resilience.
Your real life challenge is your dojo… with customized change-challenge coaching and your action learning team.

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Anne01-8x10I grow change makers:  risk-taking, impact, character, presence, capacity to inspire and enrol, solidity to stay resilient during the inevitable periods of unknown.
I customize the best of human development methods  to you and your real life situation.

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